Project Life is a national movement to increase the potential pool of bone marrow and tissue donors by testing and registering college students with a simple cheek swab.

Get Involved

With all the cramming you do, surely you can squeeze this in.

Yes, yes. The life of a college student is ridiculously busy, what with all of the classes you have to attend, the naps you have to take, and all of the extracurricular activities you’re involved with. But in just 10 minutes, you could become a registered donor with Project Life, a national collegiate program and generational movement committed to curing life-threatening blood cancers by identifying and registering volunteers for marrow and tissue donation.


Be the Cure

Did you know a bone marrow transplant is currently the only known cure for Sickle Cell Anemia? Your donation could be the answer for one of nearly 2,000 African Americans who are in need of a bone marrow transplant each year. Learn more about this disease and register now to get on the list.

Learn more about Sickle Cell Anemia

Join the registry.

All it takes is 10 minutes and four painless cheek swabs to become a bone marrow donor. Surprised? Join the club. Or rather, join us at Project Life, where we’re out to improve the health of the world. Contact your campus chapter or our team to get started, or you can register online at

Bring the movement to your campus.

Get your campus, group, association or team involved in the Project Life initiative. The more people you get involved, the more lives we can extend. Visit the College Chapters section to download communication materials to help get your campus drive started.

Make a financial donation.

You don’t have to donate marrow to contribute to this cause.

Find the financial donation that matches your ability to give, and we’ll use it help patients find their donor match.

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